Fitness at Thermes Marins



Discover the Fitness infrastructures at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

Fitness at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo 

Whether you’re looking for individual fitness or supervised activities, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo offer a highly sophisticated exercise range. The latest generation of machines have been installed in an area facing the sea, available to all customers at the Thermes Marins and guests at the Resort’s hotels. The group courses offer all types of exercise, indoors or in a heated seawater pool.

Personalised coaching

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo bring together a dozen coaches trained in the technical operation of the machines such as the Huber. These professionals are dedicated to weight training, stretching, swimming, water aerobics, pool biking, cardio or lipo training. These latest disciplines work by focusing on a particular heart rate to promote fat elimination. Their objectives are endurance and performanceslimming and muscular reinforcement. The coaches also provide traditional Tai chi classes classes and Five Elements Tai chi. This art encourages inner focus and developing a muscular action to restore your energy.

Specific programs for sporting professionals 

Recognised for offering a comprehensive range of expertises, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo provide complete or partial support for high level athletes, such as Alexia Barrier
Rafael Nadal is a big fan of the Tecar machine, so he takes advantage of his trips to the Principality to practise at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. He uses this method for resistance training and to release toxins after a match. He can also the take the opportunity to indulge in a massage or have lunch. 
The dancers of the Monte-Carlo Ballets are high level athletes. Every day they put their bodies to the test, putting in long working hours in the studio and often highly gruelling sessions. They need a diet rich in energy as well as high nutritional content (vitamins, minerals). Their bodies require specific focus on preparation, recuperation, and even repair; they must positively recharge their minds to manage stress and other emotional burdens.



In order to continue to offer the best service and remain the leading European spa, important renovations will take place from 1 March to October 2014. Unique in its technical aspects and beauty, the new thermal centre will offer a new experience in well-being and marine therapies. Due to the scope of the renovation work, the fitness area will be completely closed throughout this period.