Private beach and the Monte-Carlo Beach Club


Cabanas, cocktails and restaurants, Jet skis, wakeboarding, parachute rides, Flyfish and donuts for the athletic

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Open from 21 April to 21 October 2012 From 9am to 6pm throughout the season, and up to 7pm in July and August


The Monte-Carlo Beach and its Cabanas  

Cabines, tents or bungalows, choose your cabanas on the seaside for a relaxing day in a peaceful environement. Watersports, personalised on-tent service, deckchair by the sea, everything is implemented for you to make the most of your stay. 

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Parachute rides : A From a platform boat, take off and drift over one of the most surreal sights on the Côte d’Azur: the buildings of Monaco, then the villas of Cap Martin with the spectacular maritime alps as your backdrop.    
Jet Ski :  Ride or speed? Alone or accompanied? You choose !    
FlyFish : It may have a weird design, but it produces a fantastic result, rising up vertically in a flash, then bouncing from wave to wave until you are literally flying out of the water. The Flyfish can be enjoyed by people of all ages in a secure environment, and is fun for both the family and the really sporty among you.    
Donuts : Experience the phenomenon of a centrifugal force between friends - great fun and an amazing sensation!    

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For less strenuous pleasures enjoy the lazy seaside lunches in one of our restaurants: Le DeckLa Vigie or Elsa. When evening comes, party animals and Champagne Charlies can sip their drinks to music mixed live by our top DJ in the Sea Lounge Monte-Carlo

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